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Innovative LEGO Showdowns at the 2023 Chestermere Country Fair

Excitement is brewing for the upcoming 2023 Chestermere Country Fair Red Ribbon Competition, where two distinct and captivating LEGO competitions are set to thrill participants and attendees alike. This year, brace yourself for novel challenges and heartwarming tributes, all within the colourful realm of LEGO creativity.

1. Unleash Your Ingenuity: Build Your Own Wagon LEGO Competition

Prepare to embark on a journey of boundless imagination as the brand-new Build Your Own Wagon LEGO Competition takes the spotlight. This competition offers a unique platform for builders of all ages to craft their dream wagon, whether it's a delightful red wagon, a quirky Volkswagen, or a grand horse-drawn carriage. The sky's the limit as long as your creation fits within a 10x10" size limit on a standard LEGO baseplate.

The rules are simple yet inspiring – your entry must be an original build, free from sets or kits, allowing you to express your individual flair and creativity. Adherence to the general Country Fair rules ensures a level playing field for all participants, while the requirement for each entry to include the term "wagon" in its name adds a touch of whimsy to the competition.

With four distinct classes catering to different age groups – from pre-K to 6 years old, 7 - 12 years old, 13 - 18 years old, and 19+ years and older – the Build Your Own Wagon LEGO Competition promises a thrilling adventure for LEGO enthusiasts of all generations.

Many thanks to Synergy for helping us with this new competition.

2. Honouring Heroes Through LEGO: The Craig Lawrence Memorial Competition

In a heartfelt tribute to the memory of a local hero, the Craig Lawrence Memorial LEGO Competition returns to the Country Fair. This competition invites participants to pay homage to our valiant emergency service professionals by constructing their very own model emergency vehicles.

From the blazing fire trucks to the life-saving ambulances, the relentless police cars to the agile helicopters – the possibilities are endless. While parts of kits are allowed, the key to victory lies in originality and imagination. Entrants must ensure their creation remains within a 12x12" size constraint, giving birth to a gallery of unique and heartfelt tributes that celebrate the spirit of our heroes.

As the 2023 Chestermere Country Fair Red Ribbon Competition approaches, anticipation runs high for the captivating LEGO showdowns that await. From crafting imaginative wagons to paying homage to those who serve, these competitions promise to unite communities, celebrate creativity, and honour legacies in the most captivating of ways.

For more details on the Chestermere Country Fair Red Ribbon Competition, including rules, how to enter and when to enter, please click here: Red Ribbon Competition

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