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2024 RVC Agricultural Society Scholarships

Two junior high and two senior high (male/female) scholarships be given at $1,000 each for District 1. 


The scholarships will open on February 1, 2024, and close on May 17, 2024. Notice will be given in June.




  1. Short essay on your involvement in rodeo: Share your journey in the world of rodeo. Highlight your dedication to the sport, your growth as a rodeo competitor, and the valuable life skills you've gained through your experiences. Discuss memorable moments, challenges you've overcome, and how rodeo has shaped your character and values.

  2. School grades: Demonstrate your commitment to academic excellence by providing a snapshot of your high school transcripts. Highlight your consistent efforts to balance your rodeo pursuits with your studies, showcasing your ability to excel in both arenas.

  3. Community service activities: Illustrate your commitment to giving back by detailing your involvement in various community service initiatives. Highlight projects that showcase your leadership skills, teamwork, and dedication to making a positive impact in your community. Whether it's volunteering at local events, assisting in animal-related programs, or contributing to charity drives, emphasize how you've actively contributed to the betterment of others.

  4. Other extracurricular activities: Showcase your versatility and well-roundedness by sharing your participation in extracurricular activities beyond rodeo and academics. Whether it's involvement in student government, arts, music, or sports, demonstrate your ability to manage multiple commitments and excel in various domains.


Please email your scholarship application to


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