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The Kindness Project

In memory of Lana Sproul

In memory of Lana Sproul, a beloved member of our community known for her generous heart and acts of kindness, the RVC Agricultural Society is launching the "Kindness Project" for the Chestermere Country Fair. This initiative aims to promote acts of kindness towards individuals or groups, fostering a culture of compassion and empathy. The project invites participants from three age categories: 6 years and under, 11 years and under, and 17 years and under—to engage in thoughtful acts of kindness over the course of one to two months. Participants will document their projects in a journal, and the best entries will be rewarded with cash prizes.

The Rules: To ensure the fairness and success of the Lana Sproul Kindness Project, participants must follow these guidelines:

  1. General Country Fair Rules: All participants must carefully read and abide by the general Country Fair rules that govern the Red Ribbon competition.

  2. This project needs to be documented through photos, drawings, writing etc. in a journal over the summer.

  3. It should take place over one to two months and should the journal should have at least six entries documenting the actions that were taken.

  4. The initial entry should outline the plan for your Kindness Project and/or the actions that will be taken to carry out your project.

  5. The final entry should be a reflection on the impact your Kindness Project had.

The Lana Sproul Kindness Project encourages participants to let their imagination soar when coming up with acts of kindness. Whether it's helping an elderly neighbour with grocery shopping, making cards for hospital patients, organizing a fundraising event for a charitable cause, or simply offering a friendly ear to someone in need, every act of kindness counts.

This project not only fosters the spirit of kindness but also cultivates empathy and compassion among young individuals. By engaging in selfless acts, participants will learn the value of giving back to their community and helping those less fortunate.

To recognize the efforts and thoughtfulness of the participants, cash prizes will be awarded to the first, second, and third-place entries in each age category. However, the true reward lies in the happiness and warmth brought to the recipients of these acts of kindness.

Lana Sproul was a member of staff at Indus School from 2005 to 2023. She made a positive difference in the lives of students and staff and is remembered as a kind, caring and compassionate individual who brought out the best in everyone. We want Lana's memory to live on through the Kindness Project category in the Chestermere Country Fair Red Ribbon Competition.

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