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4-H Leaders Needed

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

The RVC Agricultural Society will be starting the Chestermere 4-H Multi Club (to begin October 1, 2023) and we are in need of adult volunteers.

Over the years, 4-H has quietly evolved into a dynamic program for youth ages 9 - 21 whose projects encompass everything from active living, arts, science and technology, crafts, cooking, agriculture and so much more! Today’s exciting 4-H program gives urban and rural youth and adults life-long skills such as cooperation, leadership, interpersonal relations, critical thinking, decision-making, organization, public speaking and community service. 4-H projects include (this is not a complete list):

  • archery,

  • health & fitness,

  • photography,

  • entomology,

  • cooking,

  • crafts,

  • small animal care (rabbits, reptiles, cats etc)

  • biking,

  • horticulture,

  • beekeeping,

  • engineering,

  • written communications and more.

We require trained adult project leaders. For more information on 4-H leaders, please follow this link:

There are three categories of adult volunteers:

  1. Trained Screened Leaders. - Adults who hold a position of trust while mentoring youth, having responsibility/ authority for any financial matters or business activities, making any decisions on behalf of members, volunteers, or families and/or are perceived to be in a position of power. - Must be elected by the club - Must complete 4-H Screening - Must complete Commit to Kids (Abuse Prevention and Duty to Report) and Youth Safety at 4-H in Canada training - Whenever working with youth, they must also have a second trained leader or a screened volunteer present.

  2. Screened Volunteers - Adults, not elected as leaders, but who wish to provide support to the club, district, region or provincial activities, and may also be perceived as holding a position of trust. - Must complete 4-H Screening - Must always have a Trained Leader present when working with youth -Is welcome to complete Commit to Kids and Youth Safety training

  3. Supporter - Adults, who do not wish to complete 4-H Screening - May not hold positions of trust. - May only volunteer under the supervision of a trained leader, and a second trained leader or a screened volunteer.

4-H Leaders are required to complete leader screening (application, references and police check) as well as mandatory training. CLEAVER KIDS (ages 6 - 8) If you are interested in being a Cleaver Kids Leader, please email us:

If you are interested in becoming a leader, please click here for our registration form.

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