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2021 Red Ribbon Winners

Trophy Winners:

Baking - Zaiyn Mierau

Jams, Jellies & Preserves - Carrie Didychuk

Pickles, Sauces, Eggs - Tracey Filewich

Honey - 

Flowers -  Anna Kearns

Vegetables, Herbs & Fruit -  Jan Fraser

Handicrafts - Jan Fraser

Quilting - Heather Bailey

Photography - Carter Van Den Eynden

Art - Ayana Kassam

Wine - Andreas Zipfel

Beer - Don Phillips

Parade - High River Witches Dance

Family Grand Aggregate (most overall points for entries) – 

School with Most Entries: Indus School

Children with Most Entries: 

The Craig Lawrence Memorial LEGO:​ Carter Van Den Eynden


Jane Carlyle Best in Show Quilt Prizes:

Zucchini Races:

10 & Under - 1st Place Lincoln  2nd Place Colby Byran  3rd Place Rose Wilde

11 & Up - 1st Place Simon Sorbie  2nd Place Aiden Wilde  3rd Place Tristan LeBlanc

Adult - 1st Place Jennifer LeBlanc   2nd Place Christine LeBlanc

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