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An Open Letter to Chestermere Council


The Rocky View Chestermere Agricultural Society (RVC Ag Society or RCVAS) Board of Directors reached out to the City of Chestermere Council and administration on May 5, 2023, regarding a motion that was passed in 2022. The motion read:


Moved by Councillor Shannon Dean Motion Council Direct Administration to work in collaboration the Rocky View/Chestermere Agricultural Society and Rocky View County on the Establishment of Rodeo Grounds within the City of Chestermere or within close proximity to the City of Chestermere, and report back to council by year end. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY."

The below letter was then sent on June 10, 2023:

Dear Mayor Colvin & City Council,

The Rocky View Chestermere Agricultural Society is writing to express our profound frustration and disappointment with the lack of communication and transparency from Chestermere City Council and Administration.

On May 5, 2023, we reached out to all council members and administration regarding a motion that was passed on July 26, 2022. The motion directed the city administration to collaborate with us on the establishment of a rodeo grounds and provide a report back to the city council by the end of 2022.

Regrettably, we have yet to receive any communication from the city administration or council regarding this matter. Additionally, we were disheartened to hear about a public announcement during a city committee meeting that the City of Chestermere is working alongside Centron on the development of rodeo grounds in conjunction with the Agricultural Society. We want to clarify that no representatives from the City of Chestermere or Centron have approached us regarding this project, and the information presented is entirely false.

Furthermore, we have concerns about the drawings continuously shared by Mayor Colvin on social media, showcasing plans for the Chestermere Recreation Centre lands. These plans exclude both our office and corral, instead prioritizing the construction of tennis, basketball, and pickleball courts over our existing facilities. Once again, we have not received any communication regarding these changes.

Additionally, we wish to express our deep disappointment with the City of Chestermere's decision to temporarily suspend the 2023 Community Grants program. It has been four weeks since the suspension, and we have not received any further information regarding the reasons behind this decision or when the grants will be awarded. This abrupt halt to the grant program has had a significant impact on local non-profit organizations, and its repercussions will be far-reaching for the community as a whole.

We respectfully request immediate attention and resolution to these matters. We believe open and transparent communication is vital for the successful collaboration between the Agricultural Society and the council. We eagerly anticipate your prompt response and a productive discussion to address our concerns.

Yours in Agriculture,

Rocky View Chestermere Board of Directors

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