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Become a Member

$5.00 for individuals or $10.00 for families


Memberships are valid from January 1 - December 31st.

If you would like to purchase a membership, complete this form.
All memberships are reviewed by the Board of Directors. 

Rocky View Chestermere Agricultural Society (RVCAS) memberships are valid for a calendar year, January to December.  Memberships are available for purchase at any time, however, Memberships must be purchased 30 days prior to a special meeting or AGM in order to vote at said meeting.


Corporations may also become members of RVCAS, however, the corporation must, in accordance with RVCAS bylaws, provide RVCAS with a designation of a person who is to be the corporation’s representative with the right to attend meetings of the Society, to vote, and to be an eligible Director.

Members of the Rocky View Chestermere Agricultural Society (RVCAS) who are over the age of 18 may become voting members of RVCAS, are able to attend board meetings, and become board members. 


Members must also hold an interest in RVCAS's stated objectives:

As stated in the Agricultural Societies Act of Alberta article three: “The object of a Society is to encourage improvement in agriculture and enhanced quality of life for persons living in the community by developing educational programs, events, services and facilities based on needs of the community.”

Further specific objectives include, but shall not be limited to:

  1. To develop facilities and programs that provide opportunities for families in our rural and urban communities to experience and understand our cultural heritage, by having fun promoting agricultural food production, entertainment and recreation to enjoy a healthy lifestyle;

  2. Sponsor an annual community fair;

  3. Develop activities to encourage and interest youth in the work of Agricultural Societies;

  4. Support and cooperate with associations organized to improve farm production and to promote and encourage farm activities to enrich rural life;

  5. Manage and operate agricultural/recreational facilities;

  6. Purchase land when deemed desirable and appropriate to fulfil the objects and operations of the Society.

The RVCAS will accomplish these objectives through various activities such as community fairs, rodeos, gymkhanas, farmers’ markets, riding clubs, heritage and cultural events, community youth programs, community beautification, 4-H programs and bee programs.

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